01 February, 2009

Weird Search Results For Today

Ok, so it's not so much that the search results are weird, but the actual search terms people plug into Google.

I've blogged about this before, including the fact that on-and-off I am nabbing the #1 through to #4 search results for "jay leno egg beater guitar" and consistently have #1 and #2 for "religion nonspecific". But, here are some new entrants.
  • offbeat travel (well... different)
  • jay leno egg beater guitar google (ok, someone's trying to see if I'm telling the truth?)
  • happy religion (joyful joyful - hot tip: avoid Scientology)
  • fireys (perhaps related to a fire station burning down recently)
Now, none of those are particularly bizarre. But wait. There's more.
  • sucky sucky long time
  • scout facelift 2009
  • dr elisa dumbest criminals
I don't think I've ever been called Doctor before.

And "bat poop butt paste" is still a winner for... some strange people... coming in with a #3 result.

I'm... proud?

~ Elisa

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