18 February, 2009

I Am An Addict

We need a local chapter of Dooce anonymous.

I'd so be there. I might arrive with my laptop in my backpack and I might surrepticiously try to pick up a wlan signal during the meeting though. I mean, I'd have admitted I was an addict already. It's not like they should be surprised that I'd be suffering withdrawals from the internet and from Heather in particular.

Seriously, the best part of this photo is the look on her face. I must have cracked up laughing a dozen times over just trying to come up with a caption. It becomes even more apt a facial expression when you learn that she appreciates pregnancy, and the sleep-deprivation associated with a newborn baby, a bit like roadkill enjoys becoming roadkill. (That's an assumption, of course, since it's theoretically possible that the flattening of one's brain onto bitumen is a euphoric feeling.)

image Copyright © 2009 by
Heather B. Armstrong