15 February, 2009

Nonsense Words

from Weird Search blog

I'll admit it, I never actually expected to discover that people are finding me via nonsense words. I'm now the top search result for "protectrix cowpuncher quickthorn", but that's to be expected, since it was a Googlebomb experiment.

But "dfhla" - now that's another one altogether.

A closer look tells me that this came from a keyboard-mashing incident while I was testing my feed. Google indexed it in the sliver of window before I deleted the post. But hey, let's get into the more interesting shall we?
  • perfume plane
  • mrs peabody's beach (please note correct use of apostrophe)
  • new zealand korean priest bike blog
  • salt bubble shooter
  • lady chatterfield ( ! ! ! )
  • searches like chuck norris
Look. If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times.

You do not search for Chuck Norris. He finds you.