12 February, 2009

Another Blog I Love

Suburban Bliss is written by Melissa Summers, whose regular posts cover everything from freaky relatives to the twin joys and irritations of family life. Melissa is married to Mr Perfect (otherwise known as Pants). Literally. She describes him as a virtual adonis, who cooks, cleans, babysits, and has the health and body of an Olympic gymnast. Isn't enough to make you green with envy? (I keep waiting for the post that says, "Just Kidding, Pants is actually more like Homer Simpson!")

Melissa also considers her blog to be a form of birth control.

Definitely the freakiest thing about it is that she never bores me. Um, hello? Even the great blogs occasionally have my ADHD finger itching towards the "Next Post >" button. Somehow not this one. Hrm, maybe we're eerily alike.

Suburban Bliss - www.suburbanbliss.net

~ Elisa