08 February, 2009

Another Instalment of Strange Search Results

Today's instalment of weird search features some unusual search string combinations.

How novel! ;)

First of all, the ones that make sense, since I blogged about something quite similar:

  • paper shredder Darwin
  • intruder panties sausage
  • bagpipe funnies
There's a certain, um, satisfaction (?) in seeing those things come up. Or something. But then we have the ones that don't quite make so much sense, or reflect pretty badly on me, or both.
  • I steal panties
  • comet shakes Dubbo (serious? I didn't feel a thing)
  • has a weird fascination with snow plows
  • hamster in Kuwait
  • urine smells like popcorn
  • bailey cream on the plane
  • boyfriend number 2
  • boiled urine smell
Just WHAT were those people trying to find?

Do we actually want to know?

And who can forget our absolute regular?

  • batt poop butt paste
But seriously. I had to end on a more serious note. Something you might not be aware of. Thanks to Google's Webmaster Tools, here's the news (don't forget you heard it first in Weird Search Blog):
  • Elisa was arrested
~ Elisa

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