05 February, 2009

I'm Slow Today!

Please forgive today's entry kinda going out, oh, ten hours late, but just now in Sydney it's too hot to do anything else but breathe. That, and I may or may not have forgotten to set up today's post. Ahem.

I've been trekking through a few new blogs (well, they're new to me). This happened during the Cake Wrecks vs Dooce voting conundrum recently. One of the blogs I discovered is Evany's Extended Cake Mix.

(Pause while I try to come up with a succinct one-paragraph description of Evany's blog, and why I like it.)


I don't know why I like it. It's mesmerising in the way daytime soaps are. There's never going to be a resolution... never a happy ending, never a dramatic conclusion that ties up every storyline neatly in a giant silver bow. Even Evany's About Me page is just a chronicle of events that have happened to her since birth. But she's fascinating, and the way she approaches the happenings of life is just way cool.

Evany has also, in her late 30s, suddenly found herself staring adulthood in the face and been forced to grow up - she's pregnant, and finding the whole experience quite an eye-opener. The journey from vintage handbag fanatic to parent is going to be rather bumpy, I suspect.

* drinks a toast to having front-row seats

~ Elisa