16 December, 2008

Shopper Rage

I was silly enough to go shopping on Friday with my 13-year-old daughter (who was home from school "dealthy" ill yet strangely showed no symptoms at all during our day out). The good news is I finished my Christmas shopping for everyone except my two kids. The bad news is that the shops were TEEMING with people, on a weekday, and it's not even the last week until Christmas yet.

While waiting in one impossibly long checkout queue, I was watching the operator and wondering how long she was going to take, when I realised she was moving at a snail's pace and chatting to the customer she was serving. Ugh, great. I was more than a little annoyed. I even considered a hugely loud sigh or complaining to nobody in particular about how long the line was taking. Somehow, I refrained.

Well evidently plenty of people are unable to refrain. News.com.au reports that parents are being told to leave their kids at home to avoid shopper rage. Here's a snippet:

Reports of shoppers behaving badly include:
STEALING goods when they can't get served quickly.
RAMMING other customers' trolleys out of their way in supermarket aisles.
SWEARING at customers who stop for friendly chats with sales staff.

Yes, the last one hit a nerve with me - I'd never have sworn at the girl, but I sure felt the annoyance. I hang my head with shame. But... ramming trolleys? Holy moley, people, what sort of holiday spirit is that?

~ Elisa