10 December, 2008


Lately I've been getting annoyed with myself over how often I feel like buying takeaway for dinner. I'm not a big fan of cooking, you see. It feels just like any other household chore. Most people don't get excited about scrubbing the toilet, and I'm the same when it comes to cooking.

I've been scouring the supermarket for easy things to cook for the nights I don't feel like cooking, and I spotted the microwave cheeseburgers. But to my annoyance, they're the same price as just going to McDonalds. I mean, what's the point? And also, you know how McDonalds is going to taste.

So I stomped my feet and just decided to make them myself. I grabbed a box of Home Brand burger patties, a bag of hamburger buns, and I took myself to my kitchen. An hour later I have 10 double cheeseburgers with onions, sauce and mustard, individually wrapped in my freezer for when my kids whine for a burger. The overall cost was about a third of the takeaway price. AND, I won't have to pay for the obligatory fries and coke.

OK, I lied. There's only 9 in the freezer, because I'm eating one now. I wouldn't say it's exactly the same, but it's pretty damned good as an alternative! (And besides, fresh cooked onion is WAY better than dried onion is ever gunna taste.)

~ Elisa