07 December, 2008


I just got a message that Dawn Meehan is following me in Twitter. I was so stupidly crazily excited! I mean, wow, she's famous and she's following me!

And then I saw she's pretty much following every person who follows her. :S

Still, she's way cool and I feel like a teenager at a rock concert.

I went to see a psychologist yesterday. (Background... I've been feeling "stuck in a rut" for more than a year and finally got to the point that I felt I had to address it.) It was actually pretty cool. She pointed out some things that I'm doing subconsciously. This was after spending a good half hour discussing me and my issues. She just made the comment and I'm like... what the? Oh, My, GOD! You're right. How could I have dissected myself so thoroughly and got it all so wrong?! And I've been doing this silly thing for a long long time.

I found out today also, that I'm there for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. (I should have realised this the moment that she identified one of my automatic thought patterns that just wasn't true). I've briefly done CBT before and found that it was absolutely awesome. So I'm feeling positive that she will be extremely helpful.

One of the things I have to do is change my routine and add something to it. She was pleased that I've started writing again, even if it's only blogging. So far, I've kept up the daily blogging longer than usual. Hopefully I can keep up the routine. With time I might feel creative enough to write some more fiction and actual journalism. Here's hoping that happens soon. I miss writing, but when I feel no real creative spark it's like doing trigonometry homework.

~ Elisa