07 December, 2008

The "Can You?" Meme

You know what to do...

1. Knit? Yes
2. Do a cartwheel? No
3. Speak another language? I'm learning.
4. Name all the states of America? No, but I can for Australia ;)
5. Do 50 situps? Probably not!
6. Write with either hand? Yes
7. Pick a lock? Yes. Should I admit to that?
8. Drive a manual transmission (stick shift)? Yup
9. Create your own website? Yes
10. Touch your nose with your tongue? No! Despite trying really hard!
11. Play chess? Yes, badly, because I'm impatient
12. Shuffle a deck of cards? Yes
13. Read a map? Yes, pretty well
14. Speak Pig Latin? Esyay.
15. Cook Spaghetti Bolognaise? Yes.
16. Remember the 80s? Oh yeah! <3
17. Read minds? Very, very rarely. I prefer to call them visions, or whatever word you want to use
18. Shoot a gun? No, and I never intend to try. Guns disgust me.
19. Multitask? Not very well. I get too easily distracted.
20. Whistle with fingers? Nope! I can barely whistle without!

~ Elisa