04 December, 2008

Exasperating Children

This afternoon, just as school let out, I got a call from my daughter. She was at the local pool, since they'd had school sport there.

"Hi Mother dear. Is it ok if I stay here and swim for a while? All my friends are here."

Well, she's 13 and she can swim. I told her it was fine. And then the phone rings again... telling me she was bored and lonely. Turns out all her friends went home seconds after she called me. Great. I decided that when my son got home from school I'd drive him up there as well.

I handed my son some money and told him that after they swim they could each buy a hot dog. They were not to buy junk. "How about a mini pizza?" Yes, that's fine, if you have enough. But not sugar and fizzy drinks etc. He was quite clear on that. Dinner-type foods. "Yeah, yeah I get it, just let me go swimming!" etc.

When I collected them, he had bought a hot dog. She had bought a packet of potato chips and Sour Cola Candy, aka Loads Of Sugar And Artificial Stuff.

Sigh. How does Supermom Dawn ever handle stuff like this? I swear her kids aren't angels either! My two drive me so nuts, that I think six kids would put me into an asylum.

~ Elisa