12 December, 2008


I've been remiss. It has been so long since I felt like writing - real, journalistic and creative writing - that I really haven't done much rating at all on Helium. When I logged in today to have a look at my earnings, they had all stopped dead at $0.00.

Ugh, in other words, my rating had fallen back to zero stars. My gorgeous starred writer rating sat there uselessly; if you don't maintain at least one rating star, you don't earn anything for your written work.

I am now making a conscious effort to fix that situation. My rating percentage is generally very good, because I DO read the articles, not just hammer-click on a random score.

I was pleased to see that I'm now also a badged premier writer. There are a handful of Premier titles that haven't got articles written and end in the next few days. Here's hoping I feel like doing some research and writing today. I need to start following Wil's advice and write, write, write.

~ Elisa