14 December, 2008


Since I am so lazy disorganised, I've been making an effort to engage myself in a few healthy habits. I am the queen of procrastination, you see, and I put everything off - from cleaning to cooking and everything in between. My backyard has weeds as tall as me.

My weapon of choice is Google Calendar. I've used this before and love it to bits. I have a bunch of ongoing "appointments" like Clean the House, Mow the Lawn, Write Blog and so on. Each of them is half an hour long and most days have 4 to 6 of these. Some are scheduled daily and some once a week. And as usual, I make bargains and compromises with myself in order to get out of things.

Not three days have passed and I'm already moving tasks around because I don't want to do them. "Wrap Christmas Presents" is shoved forwards a day; I have five blog posts written up in advance and this will be number six. These things tend to reflect what I enjoy and what I truly dread doing.

If this keeps up, I'll have 25 hours' worth of cleaning pushed forward until after New Year.

~ Elisa