31 March, 2009

When Memes Go Wrong

I recently did one of those emails where you list 3 interesting facts about yourself for each category. The idea was to tell your friends something about yourself that they might not already know. For example, one item asked me for three jobs I've had - so I entered Radio Voiceover girl, PR Consultant, and Toy Shop Salesperson. Then we had "Three foods you love" and I wrote Croissants, Green Grapes, and OMG Trident Hot and Spicy Noodles. They are awesome enough to elicit Oh My God, you see. And then I wrote Hamburgers, Bacon, Camembert, Tzatziki, Marinated Asparagus, Pizza, French Fries, Chocolate... ahem.

Anyway, I sent the email to a handful of people, including my aunt G, who's in her 60s and new at this whole "intarweb" thing. So far she has mastered Booting Computer, Connecting to Internet, and Typing on Skype. (We're still in the novice stages of Email, because every 30 days Gmail asks her to sign in again, and she calls me in a panic because "Gmail is gone" aka "I can't see my emails, and what's all this about a username and password?")

Apparently she paid real attention to this email. When she and my mother arrived for their visit last weekend, she had contributed to the Great Grocery Giveaway (see, "my mother always brings me food"). Among the goodies were croissants, because I like them. Then we had green grapes, because I like them. But missing, she explained, were the noodles, because she searched and searched but she just couldn't find the right brand.

I grabbed a packet out of my cupboard (see, "I bought groceries to feed my guests but we didn't eat any of it"). I showed her the package. "I SAW THOSE!" she said. "I saw Trident brand. But you wrote 'OMG' so I was looking for OMG Noodles."

I could see my sister cover her mouth at the other end of the room, trying not to laugh. Do you know how hard it is not to laugh when someone else does that?

I curse you, Sister Of Mine. I love you, Aunty G.