27 March, 2009


I believe I owe you an apology. I've been remiss, in that I didn't advise the internet accordingly that I'd be AWOL a few days spending time with family and friends. Accordingly, this entry is being released several days late, which will cause a rip in the space-time continuum. Mea culpa.

My mum, sister and aunt came to visit for a few days, bringing a friend's kid with them. It was an interesting time filled with laughter, card games and conversation. My mother, as usual, arrived with bags of groceries (thanks, Mum!) There's some idea she has that if she doesn't do this, I will starve. Now I am not rich by any means, but food comes first and we always have enough to eat. I even have enough to make extravagant purchases like the occasional Coca-Cola and chocolates. I can only conclude that since she knows I have money for eating, that perhaps she doubts my intellectual ability to locate a supermarket.

So my cupboards are now full to overflowing with coffee, chips, crackers, several varieties of noodles and huge towers of canned soup. At every meal, some guest whipped out their wallet and bought us all fast food. AND the dumb part is that I had already stocked up on meal-type things so that I could feed the four guests (none of which was even touched).

The good part is however, that my house is clean. My lawn is mowed. My bathtub is spotless, all the washing up is done, and the clean clothes outnumber the dirty ones.

I can even see carpet.