20 January, 2009

Just Plane Awesome!

This is just too way cool not to share!

(If you're not a plane addict like me, then I apologise in advance.)

A Swedish entrepeneur has opened a new budget accommodation venue at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport, for tired travellers needing forty winks. And he's done it using a 747 as the building.

For about 360 Kronor (or A$65.00, or US$45.00) you can have a bunk in a shared dorm with home comforts such as air-conditioning and Wi-Fi access. Or, if you want to splash out for the experience, there's the deluxe cockpit suite on the upper floor with amazing views.

Details at the Telegraph

~ Elisa

PS. Yes, I know the pic isn't a 747. It's not even a Boeing. And it's not Swedish. I just wanted an excuse to post an awesome plane image. It's a Finnair A319 painted in retro livery to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the airline (with thanks to flickr user paxbgd).