11 January, 2009

Genes are so cool!

A couple in the UK have had a set of natural twins, one white and one black. Sure, you say, it's happened before. Well yes - it has happened to the same parents before. Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner of Hampshire have just blown the odds out of the water by having a second set of mixed-colour twins.

Lauren has red hair and fair skin, and Hayleigh has dark hair and skin like her father. And now they've added Miya (dark) and Leah (fair). Their mother was stunned enough to discover she was expecting twins again, but never really dreamed they would again defy the odds with a fair twin.

Mr Durrant's West Indian skin would generally dominate. Most children of mixed parental colouring show a slightly fairer skin than the darker parent. And as brown is dominant over blue eyes, the blue eyes were also a shock.

The couple say that people even tried to place bets on the colours of the second set, but the bookmakers wouldn't agree to take the bets. :)

~ Elisa

Photo: Sky News