28 January, 2009

I Admire

...Heather B. Armstrong, creative brains behind Dooce.

You know how there are some people that are just so good it almost (but not quite) makes you furious? Yeah, like that. I started reading her blog to try and figure out how she managed the winning formula. I still can't figure it out, but I'm well and truly hooked.

Maybe that's all it is. Hooking readers until they're so addicted they will read anything. Well, I post lots of stuff that doesn't make sense, so maybe it will work for me?

ANYWAY. The part that I admire the most was that Heather has been unashamed to admit she has been committed to a mental hospital. For real. And the fact that she's hinted how depression isn't all tears and wailing. In her case it included hurling of heavy, breakable objects, in the general direction of her husband's head. Depression can be about anxiety. Anger. Fear. Irrationality. Irritability. Jealousy. Paranoia. All of the above. In my case, only one episode has been tears. The others have been a random assortment of other emotions that just didn't feel right.

I don't know quite where this post is going. Ok, you should all go read Heather's blog at www.dooce.com - how about that for an ending?

~ Elisa