25 January, 2009

But Wait, Here's More!

This might have to become a regular thing. As odd as the search terms were that people used to find this place, the ones for my other blog, Crazy Odd News, are far more... interesting.

Check these out.
  1. snotty sims (um... why?)
  2. snotty sims 2 (well, I suppose that you didn't find what you were looking for the first time. It'd suck to only get snot information that relates to the wrong version of the game.)
  3. sims 2 bug robbery break in (the robber needs a tissue?)
  4. grotty beats (he plays the drums after breaking in?)
  5. jay leno egg beater guitar (how these five words go together is beyond me. How they led someone to Crazy Odd I have no idea)
  6. sister caught brother wanking in his room (um... unfortunate...)
Still no searches for Verdana.

I'm a little relieved.

~ Elisa