19 August, 2009


Finns drive on the wrong side of the road. My dear husband shakes his head and says, "No! We drive on the Right." Well, yes. And the right side is the wrong side. If you're confused by that, well, so am I. I can stand at a roadside and the thought process is as follows:

Me: Normally, I'd look to the right before I cross. So, it's back-to-front here, so I should look to the left instead.

Me: But what if I am getting used to Finnish roads? Then "normal" would be to the left! So I should totally look to the right instead!

Me: But what if I'm just confused and I look the wrong way and then I step out and get flattened by a bus!?
And so I end up just looking both ways, even on dead-quiet streets. My paranoia can feel all the other pedestrians staring and privately thinking, "Guffaw. Tourist! Guffaw."