20 May, 2009

Game For Today (this post is cheating!)

As the title indicates, today I'm not featuring an individual game per se. Nor am I bringing this post to you as a message from our sponsor etc. (Of course, if you'd like to be my sponsor, I'll accept whatever currency suits you... ;))

For years now I've been a subscriber to GameHouse, and later RealArcade. The latter has owned the former for quite a while and they've now merged, so it's back to GameHouse I merrily skip. Lo and behold, they now have a daily freebie game that you can grab the full version of, which allows you to play your head off at any time. Yes, it's ad-supported, but hey the price is right huh? And if you download it on any other day, you only get to play the games for one hour before it's locked.

I would love to show you some screenshots just now and give an unbiased opinion on the game's merits, but since I don't know when you're reading this, I don't know what the game is! Today it just happens to be a card game, but yesterday was a "find the hidden object" one and the last week there was some fashion concoction, which my daughter has been playing for days on end.

Click for Today's Free Game