27 August, 2012

On Acknowledging Pain

As humans there is not a single one of us which never experiences pain.

Each and every person on this planet knows it, or will know it, at some point in their existence. And yet somehow, most of us are terrible when it comes to dealing with others' pain.

Why? Are we afraid? Or are we deliberately disinterested in trying to comfort others?

I don't have answers, apart from being more willing to at least acknowledge pain. To at least tell someone that you have heard their suffering.

One of my dear Google+ friends, Dede, made a post last week, that really makes some poignant musings:
Some years ago,  when I still referred to men as boys and women as girls,  a friend of a friend was involved in an horrific accident. Flung from his car, his spine was smashed against a raised drain, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Following the accident, the tea makers and scone bakers came in droves all declaring, “How lucky he is. He’s alive. It’s a miracle.” Miracle? I didn’t think so. 
Read more here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/107635094329792651474/posts/VQ3QozWaCQ7