24 February, 2011

16 things in 16 minutes

1. In 1948, it took sixteen minutes for Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion to read the scroll of the Establishment of the State, declaring the country of Israel.

2. A 2010 study by the University of Southern California found that normal-weight children average sixteen minutes more physical activity per day than their obese peers.

3. The space shuttle Columbia was just sixteen minutes from touchdown 0n 1st Feburary, 2003, when it exploded.

4. A child is injured every sixteen minutes on UK roads.

5. Sixteen minutes is the time it took for fire to completely destroy Christchurch's Ballantyne Department Store in 1947.

6. Helsinki University's Finnish 2 course was completely full just sixteen minutes after enrolments opened on 4th January 2011.

7. Someone commits suicide in the USA every sixteen minutes.

8. A 2008 presidential debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton lasted ninety minutes, including sixteen minutes discussing health care.

9. During Detroit's 2009 Marathon, three people died, all within sixteen minutes.

10. The world's second-tallest of its kind, Tokyo's Giant Sky Wheel advertises its ride as "sixteen minute memories".

11. The International Debate Education Association allows sixteen minutes' preparation time per team, during debates.

12. The bus between Prague's Ruzyně airport and the Zličín metro station takes sixteen minutes.

13. A tsunami warning was issued sixteen minutes after a 8.0-magnitude earthquake hit Samoa in 2009, leaving people just eight minutes to evacuate.

14. The Avatar Special Edition DVD includes sixteen minutes of additional footage.

15. An unpatched, unprotected Windows XP install will be compromised within sixteen minutes of connecting to the internet.

16. Michael Jackson's video clip for "Bad" runs for sixteen minutes and was directed by Martin Scorcese.