06 April, 2009

A Degree In.... WHAT?

This entry started out as a news article for Crazy Odd, but as I wrote I found myself creating an editorial rather than an article. So you, dear reader, will now be subjected to blessed with my thoughts on the issue.

A university in London has announced the world's first Master of Arts degree in "The Beatles, Popular Music and Society". Yes, you read that right, a bunch of weird and wacky people are going to spend an entire year studying everything there is to know about Liverpool's most famous four. And they will receive a Master's for it.

Honestly, I thought Arts degrees already suffered enough with the stigma of not being considered "serious". There's a popular graffito that gets scrawled above toilet paper dispensers in universities around the world: An arrow pointing down with the caption, "Arts Degrees: Please Take One". It pretty accurately describes the disdain that other degree students feel towards Arts students. I should know, I was an Arts student, in the worst discipline of them all - Sociology! Also known as The Study Of Why People Do Stuff, I have become convinced that the entire "Science" was created by Sociologists themselves, in a bizarre vicious circle that serves only to validate their own existence as Sociologists. What? Yeah, sometimes it felt like the only reason for the Sociology field was so that they had a job. Or so that we students had something to "study".

And as fascinating as Sociology was for me, there's a reason that the word is so close to "Scientology". You know, the whole "questionable sanity" thing.