09 August, 2008

Blog Trekking

No... this is not a Star Trek post. (Sorry.)

I've been traversing the wonderful world that is "Next Blog", otherwise known as That Button At The Top Of The Screen That Takes You To Another Random Blog. It has been an interesting, and at times disturbing, journey.

By far the most common blogs I've stumbled upon are "news about my family" type blogs. The second most common theme is how wonderful God is (often overlapping with news about their family). But blah de blah, these bore me. I'm looking for something that has interest to those who don't know Darling Danny, Sweet Jemima and Jeepers the Dog.

Among those that grabbed my interest was one that demonstrates the sheer lack of foresight among homeowners. Or more accurately, people who are selling their home. There is, apparently, a great army of people out there who don't stop to consider how bad their ads appear. Amongst the gems are photos of holes in walls, floors and ceilings; photos of rubbish and graffiti; photos of bathrooms so undescribably filthy one has to wonder how that kind of mess even happens. Crooked walls, collections of broken furniture, upended toilets, there is no limit to the stupid things that have been highlighted in an "attempt" to sell a home - and a glance at some of these pictures indicates the attempt is likely to fail. Way to emphasise the low points of a property! And not just the photos but the descriptions! I've laughed many a time at the snafus of confused adjectives reported to Column8 by its reader sleuths, but really, some of these agents have left those for dead... and done things like helpfully advise the buyer that homes are condemned... that walls are missing... that the area is terrible... you get the idea. I've linked it to the right. Go investigate.

Enough for today's post. I may tell you about another gem when I next update.

~ Elisa