01 August, 2008

And Preservative-Free

So, welcome. Today seemed like a good day to start blogging. I am a complete beginner at this of course, so I fired up the trusty Google in all its glory and lo and behold landed at Blogger. I have to confess, I'm a big fan of non-commercial software, but there's a catch: my love only extends to something so easy that any idiot can drive it. (I'm the idiot.)

I think the fact you're able to read this blog is ample evidence it's simple to use.

Speaking of simple, someone simple (me again) tried another first today. After spending seemingly eons deathly afraid of the scary acronym RSS, I managed to finangle some news feeds into another one of Google's nifty little doovies - Google Reader. RSS (or, Really Simple Syndication) is a fancy way of saying "Hey, intarweb, bring me the updates on the stuffz I like reading, and shove it all together on one page for me, toot sweet!"

~ Elisa

EDIT: My weird news stories are now on my other blog, Crazy Odd http://crazyodd.blogspot.com/