05 September, 2011

Adventures in MS Word

There is something rather surreal about "learning" MS Word in a language you don't understand.
I'm sitting in class and bored. In our first computer lesson (in which several students were unable to locate and open the application from the Start menu) we're mastering "customising the menus". What the.
55 minutes into the lesson, the guy who understands Finnish the best finally asked the teacher to slow down because he didn't understand. The rest of the class laughed. I don’t think anyone has really heard a word today. Get it, word. I crack myself up.
For the "learning to configure tab stops" demonstration, I'm staging my own personal rebellion by pasting Lorem Ipsum instead of typing rubbish text. Rawr. It's an educated rebellion, or something.
Incidentally, I'm typing this at the end of more Lorem Ipsum so that any time he comes to check what I'm doing, I just scroll up.
Random thought: surely, when people can't operate the Start menu, it might be good to start with "how to open and save a document".