01 April, 2011


Feeling uncomfortable about the chapter draft below. I don't like the c-word (in fact I don't like gratuitous use of swear words in ANY novel when they don't serve a purpose). I'm feeling the need to try and explain myself. The words there are kinda necessary for this reason: the novel's initial setting is a small country town. I spent several years living in one and Eleni's home life is an amalgamation of several families I actually know. This kind of language used around children is normal. One young woman I know simply can't understand what's wrong with a toddler telling people to f*** off - or call people c***s. Maybe I'm just a square! But to me it's dirty and distasteful for those words to come out of a child's mouth.

So now I'm plagued with doubt. The first chapter is supposed to be shocking. But is it too shocking? Will it turn readers off and make them close the book? Ponder.