30 March, 2011

typety type type type

I have another blog which has sat around for a while as nothing else but a placeholder. It was used a few times for editorials and ads, but I suppose it should now be put to some use. I've been reading some of the works on Authonomy, and feeling guilty that I haven't made a proper effort myself to put some words together. In particular I read a very harrowing piece that touched on child abuse - its story is so captivating, even though it needed a lot of work. I've had a novel outline floating around for some time and struggled to see how a delicate subject matter would actually *not* scare readers off, but if that author's story can attract so many positive reviews (and not in a polished form) than perhaps my own effort might succeed at it. Perhaps.

The difficulty I'll have won't be in the storytelling. The problem will be in building the characters. Anyone can retell an event. It's harder to describe feelings. Ponder.

I may just post a few bits here, see if anyone's interested... Authonomy requires 10,000 words before I can even post it (ew).