06 June, 2010


My son just noticed something funny as we were having a conversation about cosmetic surgery. We were discussing lip filler injections, lip plumping creams, the bee-stung lip look, celebrities with too much lip filler, people who put so much crap into their mouths that they look like a duck - that sort of thing. EVERYONE in the conversation, at different times, stuck their lips out in a duck face, just to try it out.

Try it out one day with your friends and laugh as they all pull the face.

A friend of his sent an email this week with a bunch of fun facts. Whether they are all fact, I'm not so sure. For instance, I happen to KNOW that it is possible to sneeze without blinking. (Yes, I tried it. It's pretty difficult though.)

But one fact said it's impossible for you to touch all your top teeth with your tongue at once.

And you're trying it now, aren't you?

And you're grinning like an idiot too, aren't you? Hahahaha!