02 May, 2010

Loose Threads.

1. We invited my mother-in-law for Sunday dinner today and I made a lamb roast. (Above picture is not my lamb roast - photo posed by models.) The oven was too hot and the lamb was ready a whole HOUR earlier than it should have been (and by the time we realised, the lamb had shrunk dramatically and was already well done). I forgot to cook the onions. The carrots were raw. The meat was so tough that poor husband took a long, long time to carve it. The gravy was subsequently half cold by the time we ate. Lessons learned: 160 degrees on the oven, remember the onions, and I desperately need to learn time-management for my meals.

2. The potatoes, fried in the pan juices and marinade, were fantastic. Marinade: garlic, mixed herbs, oil, mild American mustard, steak spice, vinegar, pepper, salt and lemon juice.

3. I did figure out the secret to the bread. Well, two secrets. One is that you need to weigh the flour instead of measuring by a cup. The real discovery though, was that an overripe (black) banana thrown into the dough makes it perfect. The bread is lighter in texture, softer, and doesn't taste like banana.

4. My house in Wellington is sold! Well, 90% sold, as contracts have exchanged. It will be such a relief, and my poor mother will be able to stop running around like crazy over this.