26 November, 2008

How Embarrassment

Oh my goodness & wtf - and yes, in the words of Effie Stefanides, How Embarrassment.

One of my latest musical obsessions (well, let's just say, I like the song) is a rocky fun tune. I'd been happily secure in my knowledge that it was performed by Australia's rock twins Lisa and Jess Origliasso, better known as The Veronicas.

So I'm happily singing along this morning, sans microphone-hairbrush since I was playing The Sims and needed both hands for playing. And as I got to the chorus, I was admittedly a bit fuzzy about the words. Hey, that's ok, I just sing along to the first few lines since I know those. And then I listen, and I hear, "she's just being Miley." Unh. Unh? Miley. It took a second for the penny to drop, but I was bopping along to a song by HER. Yeah, one of the celebrity-spawn of Billy Ray "Achey Breaky Heart", Miley Cyrus.

Quick explanation for those who are not familiar: Miley Cyrus is best known as Hannah Montana, the teen star of a show about (woh!) a teenager who becomes a famous pop star. What a staggering stretch of the imagination. Anyway.

Now I'll admit, the bulk of what I knew about this child is coloured by the comments of the one-and-only Sir Perez Hilton, who evidently hasn't got many nice things to say about her. His words, in fact, refer mainly to him being rather irritated by her constant appearances anywhere that a photographer may be present (and often, even if one is not). I can relate. I'm also incredulous at the freedoms she has. Famous or not, she's still a child, but seems to have been given free reign with the "umfriend" who is 5 years her senior. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the silly flibbertyjibbet jumped around giggling and rolling on the sofa - for a good three minutes - just because Ellen dared ask if the guy was her boyfriend. She never did answer the question, apart from occasionally noting that he is a nice guy, etc. I mean, there's annoying, and there's completely annoying. This performance made Tom Cruise's sofa-jumping look tame.

Lame. Very Lame. And now I feel pretty lame myself.

~ Elisa

I will probably still sing along next time it plays on the radio.